Meet Maulana Syed Zaheer ul Hassan Naqvi of Velayat TV USA

No one doubts the ill and hostile intentions of Iran’s fanatic Velayat regime towards freedom-demanding Iranians as well as the Free World, particularly the United States. Ever since Ruhollah Khomeini and his gangs of terrorism took over Iran in 1979, his clerical Velayat regime has been suffocating the oppressed Iranians without showing any sense of mercy. Too many Iranians perished while numerous others fled their country in horror to seek shelter and better living in America and other free countries. Unfortunately, the aggressive Velayat regime has been chasing the Iranian expatriate community with tools like Velayat TV USA and trained operatives like Zaheer ul Hassan, a mullah who does not hesitate to use the resources available to him to inflict horror in the hearts of Americans.

So who is Zaheer ul Hassan?

Zaheer Hassan of Velayat TV and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in New York City

Zaheer ul Hassan of Velayat TV USA and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in New York City in 2007

Zaheer ul Hassan is a Pakistani national and a product of the extremist Islamist seminaries of Qom, Iran. He promotes himself and likes to be known as Maulana Syed Zaheer ul Hassan Naqvi — maulana and Syed are Arabic for lord and master respectively while Naqvi means that Zaheer is allegedly a descendant of the infallible Imam Ali ibn Muhammad al-Naqi al-Hadi, PBUT. Obviously, these grandiose titles along with the extra-large black turban serve only to further expand this mullah’s already-over-inflated ego.

Zaheer ul Hassan was able to immigrate to the United States upon his marriage to Homa, a Pakistani-American woman from Connecticut. Once in America, Zaheer became very active at the Islamic Institute of New York – Imam Ali Mosque, which is controlled by the infamous Alavi Foundation.

The undercover investigative journalist Lee Kaplan and the TV host Zia Atabay discussed Alavi Foundation during a program aired by the Los Angeles-based NITV.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Alavi Foundation is entirely controlled by Iran’s Velayat regime. In fact, in 2009 the FBI initiated a seizure process of the Islamic Institute of New York and numerous other Khomeinist centers controlled by Alavi Foundation.

Watch this video about Ali Mir (alias Ishraq Abidi), son of Nabi Raza Mir, an associate of Zaheer ul Hassan. Nabi Mir is the imam at Saba Center of San Jose, CA.

Eventually, Zaheer ul Hassan moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he ultimately initiated two projects in the East Bay: Imam Ali Islamic Center (IAIC) of Castro Valley and Velayat TV USA of Dublin (California). Imam Ali Islamic Center is currently located at this address: 9875 Dublin Canyon Road, Castro Valley, CA 94522.

Like all other Khomeinists based in the West, Zaheer ul Hassan, attempts to practice a devious form of Taqiyya, or dissimulation, to hide his insincere intentions and wicked goals from credulous Americans. Periodically, ul Hassan pretends to be reaching out to non-Muslims, especially unsuspecting Jews. The goal of Zaheer ul Hassan is to develop credibility within the American society and shield his pro-Iranian regime activities behind a fake facade of tolerance and deceitful interfaith activities.

Zaheer ul Hassan Naqvi of Velayat TV USA with Malcolm Shabazz, the grandson of Malcom X, in downtown Oakland during the so-called Husayn Day "Peace" Walk/Occupy Oakland

Zaheer ul Hassan Naqvi of Velayat TV USA, right, with Malcolm Shabazz, left, the grandson of the late Malcom X, in downtown Oakland during the so-called Husayn Day “Peace” Walk/Occupy Oakland. Shabazz expressed support for Hezbollah, an international terrorist organization, during the event. Shabazz also praised the Iranian and Syrian regimes and criticized the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, including Saudi Arabia. Shabazz is known to have caused the burning-death of his grandmother. He was also imprisoned for committing theft. He is now in good company: During a program broadcasted by Velayat TV USA, Zaheer ul Hassan made threats to “burn” some people!

Unfortunately, Zaheer ul Hassan is a committed Khomeinist and a dedicated anti-Semite who considers America to be the Great Satan and subscribes to Khomeini’s “Death to America” slogan.

Zaheer ul Hassan and his likes may be able to fool some Americans all of the time, and all Americans some of the time, but can not fool all Americans all of the time because there are Americans who have enough experience and knowledge to see through terrorists and their supporters and recognize them for who they are.

Listen to the abhorrent keynote speech of Malcolm Shabazz at Saba Islamic Center’s Husayn Day Peace Walk in Oakland

Freedom must be always guarded, so unless you want to be the miserable slave of narcissistic mullahs (Syeds, Maulanas, etc.) and thugs (Basij, Pasdaran, Hezbollah, etc.), never let your guard down!

(And yes, Zaheer ul Hassan does support Hezbollah, staunchly!)


14 thoughts on “Meet Maulana Syed Zaheer ul Hassan Naqvi of Velayat TV USA

  1. You know what, Molana Syed Zaheer Naqvi is a kind man who helps people with their problems and questions. If you don’t love the Holy Prophet (Saww) then fine, but don’t brainwash others with your silly ideas. And if you are the enemy of the Holy Prophet and his Holy family (his holy daughter, his holy grandsons, his holy granddaughters) then you are the enemy of Allah! And it’s people like you who try to create war between people instead of creating peace. You take your anger out on people who are generous, kind-hearted and do their best to help people. Molana Syed Zaheer Naqvi, is the kind of man who, if you have an argument, will kindly hear your argument and if he disagrees with you he will also state his opinion. But there are such inpatient people in this world who just want to say HEAR ME! HEAR ME!! HEAR ME ONLY! AND IF YOU DON’T HEAR ME YOU’RE KAFFIR, YOU’RE MUSHRIQ, YOU’RE DISAGREEING WITH ME SO YOU ARE THE ENEMY OF GOD! Molana Syed Zaheer Naqvi deals with these kind of people all the time, and you I’m sure belong to this category! Some people don’t know how to argue, and not EVERYBODY can agree with your opinion, because everybody has a brain and they have their own opinion on things! And look people, I have not said anything mean and unjust.. and if you think so, then you are quite irrational. I have not said anything wrong. Allah Hafiz! May you people be guided and be protected from the shadow of ignorance

    • PS Its people like you who steal the peace of people’s hearts. People like you, try to make up stories and brainwash people with nonsense. And Ayatollahs are not ones to spread terrorism and do not have as you said gangs. So please stop spreading lies to the world, and let people live in peace! You are like Hitler who tell people a bunch of lies and people without thinking follow you. And ooooh yaaa, muslims pray 5 times a day, to give themselves peace, they go on pilgrimages with peaceful intentions. That does not sound like people who go about killing others. And just because a bunch of lunatic, inhumane people bombed the twin towers does not make every single muslim in the world a lunatic terrorist. Those people killing innocent people while saying God is Great are NOT muslims, they are the people who are doing injustice to people, they have also killed several muslims! The killers of innocent people are indeed called terrorists and these terrorists have killed several innocent muslims as well, such as when muslims were going on a peaceful pilgrimage, the terrorists took them out of their vehicle and lined them all up and executed them! And never has Molana Syed Zaheer Hassan Naqvi wanted death to innocent people. Muslims have been constantly threatened after 9/11, innocent women and children have been killed. And let me give you an example: just because a christian or a jew or a person with any religion (or without a religion) kills somebody, does NOT mean that all christians or all jews or all people who follow the religion that THAT killer apparently follows, is like the killer! Come on speak logically, THINK LOGICALLY. People watch the documentary: Farrenheit 9/11. Millions of muslims have also been killed for NO reason. Please stop spreading nonsense to people or in other words stop this nonsence gossip. And look at you, hmm you’re making such a general statement, YOU ARE TARGETTIN SHIAS, MUSLIMS! and you expect them to sit there happily and read this? But ofcourse if you get your feelings hurt in any way you go crying and weeping and spread more nonsense about innocent people! Shame on you and people like you who oppress innocent people and spread lies about them!
      People, you have been given a brain, don’t be closed minded and don’t be bias, THINK LOGICALLY and SPREAD PEACE! STOP THE KILLING OF INNOCENT PEOPLE! Donate to charity, help the poor!

      • Your “kind and helpful” beloved, helps *others*, while refusing to acknowledge his own son, whom of which he produced, while forcing himself on a stranger on a Friday, during Ramadan. Who is oppressing who?

      • Good reply, but it’s falling on deaf ears. This is a big waste of time. The usual suspects who cry “terrorist” all the frickin time. It’s so old, it’s laughable.
        If they hate him, he must be doing something good!

  2. Zaheer is very attached to his turban. He wears it everywhere, except at airports. The turban makes him feel that he is something special.

    • I looked at his photos. It just looks like this dude is wearing a moped tire on his head!! Are turbans made of plastic too?

    • Like the article mentioned, too many Khomeinist mullahs suffer from narcissism. What makes matters worse is that they are in a state of total denial: They don’t view their arrogance (both explicit and implicit) as an illness of the self and a sin; they instead think of themselves as the representatives of Allah on Earth (falsely of course).

  3. It is very obvious that Zaheer ADORES the limelight. This is why he chases the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad so he can pose with them for photos. And this is why he started Velayat TV USA. Zaheer wants to see himself on TV all the time: In the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, and in his dreams!

    • I think this type of mullah wouldn’t mind seeing himself on TV even in nightmares. To this man and his likes, fame is not a goal, it’s an obsession!

  4. Did this guy really threaten to burn people? I couldn’t find the alleged YouTube video at According to YouTube, “the video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Velayat TV Network!”

    • Based on the very lengthy conversations posted at, it must be true that this mullah did threaten to burn people. That the video was removed for copyright violation per the request of Velayat TV Network proves that there was a video of the mullah with a very damaging content.

  5. NONSENSE as usual. Take your Islamophobic bullshit somewhere else for a feeble and naive mind to believe. That’s the ONLY kind of brain that will buy this hogwash. You Israelis will never change. Unreal.
    Please find a REAL job, chump. Get off the sayanim payroll.

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