ANALYSIS: Why did Zaheer ul Hassan of Velayat TV USA threaten to burn people?

Zaheer ul Hassan: An ill man who seeks to cure others…

On Sunday, August 29, 2010, a contributor to exposed the true violent nature of Maulana Syed Zaheer ul Hassan Naqvi of Velayat TV USA by posting a YouTube video showing the latter, Zaheer, impulsively issuing a threat on the air in Persian to “burn” people. (See below: The video was later removed by YouTube “due to a copyright claim by Velayat TV Network.)


The video clip generated extensive interest in the community and numerous contributers commented on this chronic problem (i.e., mullahs on the loose, undermining Islam and embarrassing the Muslims).

Zaheer ul Hassan of Velayat TV USA wants to "burn" people!

Zaheer ul Hassan of Velayat TV USA is the new Grand Inquisitor in the San Francisco Bay Area: He wants to “burn” people!

Zaheer is not a native speaker of Farsi (Persian) as he is from Punjab, Pakistan, and his mother tongue is Urdu. However, since he learned Persian in Iran, where he studied Shia Islam for six months (God knows what else he learned there), it is not surprising at all that he is trying to expand his sphere of influence (or “guidance” as the mullahs would prefer to say) into the Persian community, especially locally (the Persian community is quite wealthy and more Khums and other donations (Syeds’ candy) won’t hurt). Furthermore, he is also trying to impress his masters in Tehran, particularly Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran (why not please the Big Boss?).

Maulana Syed Zaheer ul Hassan Naqvi of Velayat TV USA while attending the so-called Husayn Day "Peace" Walk

Zaheer ul Hassan, the notorious host of Velayat TV USA, while attending the so-called Husayn Day “Peace” Walk in San Jose, CA.

Nevertheless, the main question remains the same: Why did Zaheer ul Hassan behave so foolishly on the air? Why did he allow the Persian caller to provoke him? Why did he fall into the trap just like a mindless rodent or game?

The answer to this riddle has a lot to do with psychology and very little with Islamic religious duty. It is not ambiguous that the Velayat TV USA caller who provoked Zaheer ul Hassan is against Islam and rejects the Prophet and his family, peace be upon him and them all. However, the proper response to the caller’s incitement should have been the true Muhammadan humanistic wise way: Patience, forbearance, forgiveness and begging God to pardon the caller for he does not know what he was doing!

Is not this exactly what Muhammad, PBUH&HF, did with his chronically-abusive non-Muslim neighbor? And what was the reward: The neighbor ultimately accepted Islam and joined the Prophet, PBUH&HF, into Peace!

So why did Zaheer ul Hassan, a mullah with a moped-tire-size jet-black Syed-caste turban issued in Qom, Iran, fail to apply the true Islamic response and instead reverted to a very primitive animalistic instinctive Jahiliyya-type reaction?

Psychological analysis of the mental state of Zaheer ul Hassan reveals very clearly that he was not exactly thinking of the Prophet and his Holy Family, PBUT, when anger consumed him and he lost his mental guards. Zaheer was thinking of only his own self, as he views himself as an alleged descendant of the Prophet, PBUH&HF, and hence took the verbal attack on the Prophet, PBUH&HF, very much personally.

The human rights and counterterrorism activist Sam Bazzi of the Islamic Counterterrorism Institute (ICI) discusses Velayat TV USA with Zia Atabay during an interview aired on NITV United.

What the caller had hit is the very ego of a person who makes his living and justifies his status in the Shia community by portraying himself as a guardian and inheritor of the legacy of the Prophet, PBUH&HF! If the heathen of the Jahiliyya can mess around with the Prophet, PBUH&H, and yet get away with it due to the completeness of the character and wisdom of the Messenger of God, PBUH&HF, that won’t be the case with his eminence Maulana Hujjat ul Islam Syed (Dr.?) Zaheer ul Hassan Naqvi, the Great Founder of Velayat TV USA: The punishment for challenging him and hurting the foundation of his California-size ego is death by burning, no less! That’s arrogance at its height!

“Arrogance is the root of all evil.” ―Al-Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq

Zaheer ul Hassan of Velayat TV USA wants to "burn" people

Zaheer ul Hassan of Velayat TV USA: The self-assigned Angel of Hell!

Mind you, the Prophet, PBUH&HF, is not known to have burned the enemies of God. It is said that al-Imam Ali ibn Abi Taleb, PBUH&HF, burned those who insisted that he is God, but only after giving them the choice to repent. In other words, it was their choosing that they be burned. In fact, the threat of death by fire made them even more convinced that Ali, PBUH&HF, is God because, as they then claimed, “only God tortures with fire!” (The Nusayris (renamed Alawites by the French Mandate) of Syria carry such a distorted belief about the greatest of all Imams. And now the Nusayris are busy butchering as many Sunni-Muslims as they can get away with.)

Zaheer ul Hassan is neither God nor Imam Ali, PBUH&HF. And the provocative caller did not claim that Ali, PBUH&HF, or Zaheer are gods. More importantly, Zaheer, in the United States, (with or without his oversized turban) is merely a naturalized citizen who has no authority whatsoever to prosecute or persecute others. Obviously, Zaheer has a great deficit in self-awareness!

We are very, very sorry, but Zaheer ul Hassan is neither fit to represent Islam nor run a TV station. Zaheer may keep Velayat TV USA as a publicity toy that boosts his starved mullah-ego, but that’s about it. (Of course, Zaheer likes to see Homa and his young “Syed” kids on  satellite TV as well — it’s all in the family, paid for with Khums!)

May God cure the heart of Zaheer ul Hassan and guide his mind.

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2 thoughts on “ANALYSIS: Why did Zaheer ul Hassan of Velayat TV USA threaten to burn people?

  1. This imam is surely an imbecile. But I think the caller deserve tons of credit for disrobing this wannabe host.

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